Your face, your “future” access method, you should consider to be more careful

Your face, your “future” access method, you should consider to be more careful

Authentication is more important than ever in our modern society. It makes it possible for one to pay the bill, taking out money from your bank account by using ATM, start your computer and access to your data, Etc. In decades eyes and iris where the key access as “more secure” authorization while fingerprint has been around since 1870 both as proof of ID (authentication) and in some cases providing proof against criminal acts. Fingerprint as authorization method for access to personal computer have been used during the past 8-10 years and since 2013 in “every man’s hand” when Apple introduced it’s TouchID in it’s new iPhone 5S.

Apple TouchID
Apple TouchID

Figure 1, Apple Touch ID how it works,

Your fingerprint, Iris, face is your key access to computer, Credit card systems, clouds,….

Microsoft using facial recognition as one of the authentication method in coming Windows 10. Google started discussion about “blink to pay” in 2013. Now it seems that many companies working together with MasterCard to use the facial recognition as a more “secure method” for authentication.

Some reflection about the facial recognition method

What happens to the authorization when

  1. Unshaved
  2. Change color of hair
  3. Hang over (day after wild party)
  4. Using phone when it is hot or cold
  5. Becoming fat or smaller
  6. Tanned
  7. Nose surgery
  8. Longer eyelashes
  9. Allergic reaction to some strong medicine, bee, dust, Etc.

And the most important question is the possibility to change your face, compare to change of password/PIN code.


4 thoughts on “Your face, your “future” access method, you should consider to be more careful

  1. It scares me.
    I like the computer and the ability to communicate with others over the internet.
    However, because of the internet and increased access to information, I see that there is a growing problem with identity theft. It is sad that people are doing this to each other.

    • True,
      One of the problem is that the society is not prepared for to handle the ID theft in proper way. There is a good technical solution, at least a generic solution which can prevent the ID theft. The worth thing about the ID-theft is that it effects the individual in a very negative way for a long time.

  2. it doesnt seem you give much thought to how very dangerous and invading these technologies will become, its inevitable such technologies be utilized by all the players across the borad, never is a technology only used for good once it becomes standard there will be all new levels of tracking and tracing too, as if we dont already have a dangerous brew a brewing. as i type this our previous decade + worth of datamine profiles are being added up in all new ways , growing stronger every day, these face screenings will just be added in on top, the vast data stores which are held on all of us are too much allready! we certainly dont need more.

    As an expat having come from the states, as a human who merely wishes to remain independent and free from being tracked and traced, programmed, hacked, surveyed, datamined etc, it is alarming how we are letting the government corporation proceed with wrapping us within this complex web. now we have a global shift toward facist authoritarian war mongers pushing our already existing police states and wars and various other predatory negatives… we certainly need face scanning on every street corner, i think not.

    • Thanks for your comment “Ian”
      I do Believe you have very good points. I did not cover anything with regards to the “personal integrity” point of view. Unfortunately “the personal integrity” is already under HARD pressure. Imagene you are carrying your mobile phone when walking at street or when you pay with your credit card then information about the geographical information is collected. Other technical tools like CCTV Etc have been used in many years and it is completed with photo and video captured from DRONEs. So I guess unfortunately we are almost facing what you mentioned in your comment.

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