Internet companies collect your personal data when downloading information/slides/whitepares

Something fishy is going on within the bigger companies, they are looking at you as source of data. Collect as much as possible and analyze it and sell it to any potential customers, part of the Big Data and data analytics I guess.

IPv6 is another area of interest for me since decade. Currently I found an intressting  IPv6-link which leads to You have two options, either read page by page or you can download it.



So I chose to download and then you may need to “logon” to the SlideShare. One handy option is to “logon” by using Linkedin or facebook, a simple and easy method. But unfortunately I found that when you use your Linkedin logon you also give the rights to explore lots of personal data to slideshare. Why in the earth I should expose my connections informations, networks discussions, invitations, ….. to any Company.

Would you like to share this type of data to any Company?



3 thoughts on “Internet companies collect your personal data when downloading information/slides/whitepares

    • true. Many companies collect data and selling the data as a product. The problem is the user doesn’t know about it. Just imagine how come we do use services like Facebook completely free of charge. The question would be how they earn money? The easy answer is by using massive data collection and using it in marketing, advertisement, commersial ads, etc

      • Yes exactly! A lot of policies that Facebook uses is illegal. But no one is concerned about it. The way they can access the very personal data and grants the access to other sites as well it unacceptable.
        Even while on fb if you have opened any other tab, it can monitor your actions in that site as well.
        I read this article where they said fb is selling the data to CIA who in turn is maintaining a profile of every person in the world. So some 20 year old guy who might become president of a country 30 years later…..they will have all info on him and use it accordingly.

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