97% Android and 87% iOS top 100 paid apps are already hacked

We have been in the age of virus and malware for a while, it started in early 90:s in mini-computers and later on targeted the PC:s. Servers were antoher area of attacks and now days the popular (X)PADs and smart phones with some “built in security feature” could not manage the pressure from the “virus/malware industry”. Anti-virus companies were ready to grab the market share by being prepared with their anti-virus products. Unfortunately none sufficient anti-virus, lack of security awareness and lack of confidentiality in general makes these popular products more vulnerable than ever. As plenty of daily useful apps created for the mobile devices, lots of new threads showing up for these devices. Mobile banking, health apps, Etc. are currently very popular target for the virus-industry.

I found a scary research which shows more or less most popular smart mobile devices are hacked and the IT/Telecom/Internet Society carry a huge responsibility to inform about the potentials threats for loss of money, leakage of the personal data, Etc.

The first chart showing that almost 100%-97% of the top paid (none free) Android apps are hacked while same figure for the iOS are 92%, 57% -87% during the same period. If 97% resp. 87% of the top 100 paid apps lacking the proper “good enough security” design what should we expect from the free of charge applications?


Research’s from Privacy right clearinghouse (chart 2) showing the security breaches 2005-present different methods and categories of the attacked Surface.


I am pretty sure huge expansion of threads for banking/financial apps during the coming year as use of the financial services grows. Retail is presumably another future focus area as use of the mobile devices in retail grows and use of the new readers with new vulnerabilities become more and more popular. Personal data and personal health information is another potential threat surface. As graph 3 shows the “virus-industry” have extensible coverage of the financial, retail and healthcare segments. But the same industry trying to focus and cover the same area within for the iOS devices as well.

At last it is obvious that the “virus industry” is well prepared to use the vulnerabilities for the mobile devices as soon as the opportunity arrives. It is up to us, the ordinary users to take the necessary cautions, and why not asking the vendors for providing better and more solid products with LESS vulnerabilities.



6 thoughts on “97% Android and 87% iOS top 100 paid apps are already hacked

      • You’re absolutely right and it seems that most people are not aware of how “public” even pictures and texts etc on their cell phones can be if their phones have been hacked. They assume it only happens to “someone else.” ??

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