Technical strategy for $38 Billion Company, Ericsson AB

In my recent blog, “How to Reinvent a $38 Billion Company, Ericsson AB” we looked at Ericssons’ current business process/business strategy for the next 15 years.

Jan Färjh, head of Ericsson Standardization and Industry had an excellent presentation during the recent European Internet of Things (IoT) conference. His presentation slides gives a faily good hints about the future technology path at Ericsson. Choose of the technology standards are showing the current long-term technical focus areas and technical directions during the coming years.

Sustainability and security are the important key factors which covers all Technologies . IP , cloud infrastructures and network applications together with the Radio Access are the core communication technologies for Ericsson. Management and orchestrations will be handling the underlying technical platforms. Use of the orchestration technologies are excellent choice for higher abstraction of the management, configuration of the underlying elements in the network, this will hopefully lead to ease of use and less need for technical staff for doing “boring stuff” at command list level. A necessary key component will be the use of existing and or future open standards within these areas.

Ericsson technical strategy 2015-2030

Ericsson  activities within plenty of standardization bodies to ensure that the proper standards are in Place when necessary. Mobile access, fiber and fixed networks are the main focus areas and cloud (private, hybrid), datacenter and virtualization like Network virtualization seems to be among the new focusing areas. Control, and management seems to be designed for management of the Ericsson products within each operator’s domain, while orchestration seems to cover both Ericsson products within the operator cloud (private) and even the “external cloud”. A very well defined open standard is the key success factor . Ericsson seems to work actively within the following standardization bodies/forums to ensure the future of it’s Products.

  • Global Certification Forum , GCF
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE
  • GlobalPlatform
  • 3rd Generation Partnership Project, 3GPP
  • Internet Engineering Task Force,IETF
  • International Telecommunication Union, ITU
  • TMForum
  • OpenDaylight
  • European Telecommunication Standardizations Institute, ETSI
  • OpenStack
  • Network Function Virtualization, NFV
  • OpnFv
  • CloudFoundry

Ericsson Technical Strategy 2015-2030


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