What is the common between the #Internet of things (IoT), solar power, FatBelly , New York, Falkenberg, Uppsala, Jönköping, Stockholm, Etc

Innovation is the key success factor for the entrepreneurs who are looking for the opportunities to build new business. FatBelly is the new smart product idea which is a solar powered trash compactor. It uses the highest amount of the trash volume by using the solar power to compress garbage in the trash basket. The cellular technologies (i.e. Internet of things, IoT) is used to give real-time report about the actual level of the remaining spaces anywhere on the Internet by using an app or web.

Currently the BigBelly is/had been installed/tested in many cities like New York, Uppsala, Falkenberg, Jönköping, Uppsala, Stockholm, Etc

This is about good and healthy environment, saving money, Etc. No no, no, I am not involved in this company nor in this product in any ways. I am interested in finding good and innovative ideas where Internet of Things plays an essential role. This is just the beginning of new era for Internet of things, IoT is here to stay!

1- Internet of Things (IoT)
2- Internet of Things (IoT), solar system on top of the trash basket

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