Beginning of the end for BlackBerry as the cellular phone battle getting more intensive


The other day we heard about the BlackBerry,the big giant within the very popular ”smarter” cellular phone is in the business trouble and had 1$ Billion loss in the second quarter this year. Consequently decided to cut off 4,500 employees.

In my recent blog Microsoft + Nokia Mobile= true, what next? I mentioned about some of previous popular cellular phone vendor facing big loss and either decide to sell to other companies or just disappear from the phone market. But what we are experiencing today is just the beginning of end of some very successful companies within the cellular phone business. Unfortunately it seems that this is the beginning of the end for BlackBerry as the battle of cellular phone getting harder. May be an unavoidable and sad future for BlackBerry exactly as for the competitors (e.g. Palm pilot,….) which disappeared from the market some years ago and left the business to BlackBerry among others. What we do see today is that the battle about customer’s of the cellular phone getting much more intensive during the near future.


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