Big data is here to stay!

Lots of companies are starting looking at the company big data collected during the past years. Within the public organization some heavy BIG data activities initiated and lots of effort has been made.

In Europe specially within some EU member states, they have already started to share the big data with companies which are specialized to provide applications and creating innovations and new business opportunities. UK is one of the EU member states which opened and shared some of the public BIG data.

Recently US Congress Library announced that  they are getting in the the business of BIG data for research purposes within the social media. If I get it correctly the congress library are aiming to collect all the US related twitter, about 50-150 million tweets /day (or more). Twitter donating it’s archive to congress Library, all the tweets from the very beginning in 2006. Currently number of  collected tweets are estimated to 170 billion tweets. The congress Library is currently creating a system to provide these huge data for interested researchers, a source about modern culture including social, economic and political trends in US. The question is how useful the tweets will be, some may consider tweets as a mix of useful data, unnecessary, wrong information or even some junks. I am pretty sure that the some of the collected data would be a great source for researcher. The BIG Data is here to stay, a great source for creative people, companies, organizations to create more value in future.

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Library of Congress has amassed 170 billion tweets


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