Norway is still the world leading IPv6 country


During this summer I had a blog post  showing Norway as athe best IPv6 country. IPv6 recently has lots of attentions, but still there are lots of possibilities for lots of good improvements. This time I am not going to bring up information about how many IPv4/8 are still remaining. The recent measurements by begining of October this year shows that Norway is still keeping its first position and more than 10% better than the number two in the list.

Norway as the leading IPv6 country in October  2012

The top three IPv6 winners

The good news is that more than 56,5% of the Norwegian AS are IPv6-enabled. This makes Norway as the number ONE. The Netherlands picks up a great value of more than 44,5% is the second best and Singapore is the third best in the world with more than 38,5%.

Congratulations Norway, the Netherlands and Singapore!

The top 15 countries are

1. Norway
2. The Netherlands
3. Singapore
4. Malaysia
5. Iceland
6. Japan
7. Germany
8. Qatar
9. Sweden
10. Czech Republic
11. New Zealand
12. Finland
13. Austria
14. Belgium
15. Denmark

Sweden is still keeping the second place within the Scandinavian countries. But unfortunately Sweden globally is moved from its place 6 to 9, so there are lots of potential for improvement for us in Sweden.


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