Swedbank: “Your account was accessed from an unauthorized computer”

The following email has been sent to some people in Sweden on Sunday October 7th. An email showing logo from Swedban, one of the Swedish banks and recommend the recipient to visit a link which shows https://www.swedbank.se

BUT the link goes to http://mail.quickcorporatesa.com.au/swed/ with the IP-address locatd in Australia and provided by the Internet Service Provider “FAST HIT”.

The link http://mail.quickcorporatesa.com.au/swed/ leads to a query requesting lots of sensitive personal and financial data like name, credit card number, credit card issuer and CVV2 (!!).

They have tried to give an authentic impression of home page for Swedbank, I would not imagine many Swedes would give the requested sensitive data due to the good IT, Internet, IT-Security knowledge and  awareness and experience in Sweden. Unfortunately it is possible that some people who could get stressed and send these sensitive information.

As usual this kind of forgery like all other forgeries has lots of small and strange mistakes which definitely lead to suspicions, the content and why they have received his email.
I would let you to make your own analysis and finding these mistakes!



2 thoughts on “Swedbank: “Your account was accessed from an unauthorized computer”

  1. Hey Mohammed!
    I just received this email earlier today. Good job in informing people, because I wanted to know what this was about. My bank never sends me an email, specially from from a wrong address.

    Keep up the good work!

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