What is going on Word Press, what is this smily about? Virus?

I have been using WordPress as my prefered blog tool and blog site. It seems that there is a strange smily on my blog site when one is logged into WordPress. It would be great if we get any explanation from Word press. This smily shows up when you are logged into WordPress and it shows up on the left down side. It is 6×5 pixels and 50 bytes. Is that just a feature for handling time out? or it is something else?

The following page showing the smily itself


take a look at the zoomed part

this shows the file which I have saved by clicking on the right mouse button and saved it

Image  <—– small smily


so lets check the properties for this file


also 6×5 pixels and have a 50 bytes size.

But lets see how it is downloaded to my PC


and it seems that the file name is randomly generated.

So I am really expecting a good explanation from WordPress. But also I would appreciate your comment or explanation?


2 thoughts on “What is going on Word Press, what is this smily about? Virus?

  1. That image is used for stats purposes.

    In order to tell you all the cool stats about how many visitors you’ve had, which of your posts are most popular, and how people get to your site, we need a way to track things.

    We’re able to collect this information by loading a small image to your page when someone looks at it.

    And we chose a small smiley 🙂

    Source: http://en.support.wordpress.com/smiley-on-your-blog/

  2. Thanks alot for your reponse. It seems that WordPress also using the “quick” solution used by many “unknown” company/programmers.
    Is there any other reason to use this method?

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