Norway as the leading IPv6 country

During the past years there have been lots of discussions about the IPv6 readiness among the Internet Service Providers (ISP). According to the July first measurements from RIPE NCC, the leaders IPv6 ISP:s within the RIPE/NCC region are the Norwegian ISP:s with 55,48% IPv6 enabled for their all Access Servers (AS). Big congratulations to Norway which is the leading IPv6 country. The Netherlands and Sweden are joining Norway as the second and third IPv6 leaders in this region. The top six countries (within the RIPE region) are:

  1. Norway
  2. The Netherlands
  3. Sweden
  4. Germany
  5. Finland
  6. Denmark

IPV6 in the RIPE NCC region

 Internationally the following countries are the top six IPv6 leading countries

  1. Norway
  2. Netherlands
  3. Malaysia
  4. Iceland
  5. Singapore
  6. Sweden

This is a great news for the IPv6 community. ISP:s seems to get more and more ready for the IPv6 which I guess the readiness is based on business opportunities when customers choice are the future proof ISP:s. So the question still is when the ISP:s are really ready to go for the “last mile”?

How about your country?


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