Dual Persona Services

On October 2011, Telefonica + VmWare and Verizon + VMware announced cooperation around the “Dual Persona Services” based on:

  • Cloud services such as SaaS (SW as a Service)
  • VMWare Horizon Mobile Manager
  • Android platform
  • Initially Samsung Galaxy SII, probably later other android platforms will be supporting these functionalities)

The idea was to provide the dual environment for the smart phone. User chooses either company or personal environment. The entire environment including the appropriate apps are downloaded from the cloud and access to the corporate data and applications will be granted. This is to support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in companies. The key client SW is VMWare Horizon Mobile Manager which provides the following functionalities:

  • Use of Templates, in other word work or personal “phone”
  • Policy management, to authorize what functionalities are allowed and granted to the user
  • Provision the “work phone” over the air and doing a health check for the phone
  • Push the authorized applications to the phones application library
  • Lock or erase the “work phone if necessary

On February 28, 2012, at the mobile world congress Telefonica Digital, VMWare, Samsung announced that the Telefonica Dual Persona services will be available Samsung Galaxy SII during Q212 . Telefonica seems to provide “sharper” services by providing functionality which changes the accounting. This means when user changes to the personal “phone”, personal data, personal apps and even the account is automatically changes to the personal account and vice versa.

The demo (below) gives a good impression of easy to use application, fast to change but there are lots of questions which needs to be answered whether this service is easy to use or not. There are lots of other questions like what happens if someone calls the number which is not activated? , …..

I am looking forward to testing these great services.

A short demo is available on YouTube


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