IPv6 support in external web, mail server and DNS? Not really complete IPv6 deployment

Our  external web, e-mail and DNS-servers are supporting both IPv6 and IPv4, we have ”deployed IPv6″

Nowdays everyone knows that  there are no chance to continue with the IPv4 and the IPv6 is the only future proof option/ solution. Almost a year ago we had 22 blocks of IPv4 left and responsible colleagues around the world started a good work for deployment of IPv6 in their company/organization. They have put lots of energy to convince the decision makers for approval towards the IPv6. We have heared that lots of these colleagues mention that they have ”deployed IPv6” by having IPv6 support in external web, e-mail servers and in DNS.

Let me first congratulate these colleagues for doing a grate job, it was not that easy to convince management for allocation of resources, money, etc. for the IPv6 deployment. But my very humble question is whether if they have any plan for a complete deployment of IPv6 in their company ?
Did you consider all of the applications, clients, internal systems, Operation Support System, Business Support System, billing system, cusomer care system, etc? And what about the Database server?

In my opinion the job just started and what I am trying to say is,  Delopying
of IPv6  in 3, 4, 5 …10 servers is not really a full deployment of IPv6 and the
work have only being initiated  in your organisation.

Yes, you need a complete plan, buget, personell and equipment  to go ahead and successfully deploy IPv6 in a structred way in your comapny, it may take 2 month or 4 years. But remember that the fact is that the full scale IPv6 deployment is crucial for your company.

Don’t you agree?


2 thoughts on “IPv6 support in external web, mail server and DNS? Not really complete IPv6 deployment

  1. How do you define “Full deployment of IPv6” in an organization??? Doesn’t it matter if every node (access, intermediate or core) runs on IPv6 but your internet is not ready!!! So by saying IPv6 deployment it is true in current scenario when you have to see your inventory and migration plan! I am not opposed of the fact that it is just the start but with the maturity of applications, devices to support IPv6, it is also in it’s infancy.

    • Thanks for your comment from my blog during 2011.
      IPv6 is a new technology and new technologies need to get proper attention. I am pretty sure that you agree that y supporting dual stack in some external servers and DNS the work is not completed. Why? Te answer will be found in what are the organization/companies goals with implementation of IPv6? And pretty much depending on the business case or what should be gained. E.g. if some needs to take care of the customers the CRM should be supporting IPv6.
      There are other areas, if you do not plan or the entire company/organization in a proper manner ten you will soon or later end up in difficulties.

      So let met turn back your question, in your opinion how do you define the full deployment of IPv6 I a company /oganizations?

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