IPv4 addresses? Sorry, We are closed!

We are already there, don’t you believe it yet?

For three days ago, I wrote in here in my blog that there are only 5 IPv4 blocks left and these blocks will automatically be allocated the five RIR:s. Today is a historic day for the IPv6. No more IPv4 available for allocation to any RIR:s anymore. Each RIR has a set of IPv4 addresses left and the amount of IPv4 addresses is very limited so practically we are already there.

I am pretty sure that now lots of IPv6 work starts very seriously, is your company not prepared for the IPv6? then you are in big trouble. You are not ready, the network expertise are not ready, the equipment doesn’t have support for IPv6, your network personnel are lacking IPv6 knowledge and experience, your OSS and BSS does not support IPv6, well, how are you going to ensure a future grow for your company?

It would be really very good to share your idea about how you are handling your company’s situation, Wanna share?

No more IPv4 addresses available for allocation to RIR:sNo more IPv4 addresses available for allocation to RIR:s

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