Talk about IPv6 support in Firewall at bus station

Some days ago I was waiting for a bus at the bus station in  Stockholm.
It was  about 10 below zero (celsius). Lots of snow reflecting the christmas lights, beautiful. Some other people were also waiting for catching their bus.

I saw one with an unopned box. A small box and could recognize the Juinper loggo. I was quite curious about where this equipment would be used and start talking with the owner and said:
What a nice christmas gift, did you buy it for yourself?
He laughed suspiciously and answered “it depends how one look at it”. A polite answer in accordance with the Swedish culture. I continued, but how do you look at it then? a data communication equipment from Juniper, is that a firewall?
I could see that he became more interested in the conversation now.

“yes, it is a firewall, it belongs to my employer and I am going to install it at my home network, to be used specially when I work remotely from home”

I have been pushing for the IPv6 in Sweden for some years now, so I asked
does this Jupiter firewall support the IPv6?
I was expecting some answer like …ehhhh,  may be, I don’t really know” but the answer was

“yes, it supports IPv6 and everything in its product line”
then he didn’t wait for my new questions, he said
I am running IPv6 (not native IPv6 but tunneling), he was proud of he has got millions of IPv6 addresses. Why shouldn’t he?

His bus arrived and I said I am happy to hear you are running IPv6 and I added if you are interested in IPv6 why not check my IPv6 home page, before his bus left.

It was the first time that I didn’t have to explain what IPv6 is and why it is important, this was a good news. New trend? Customer premise equipment supporting IPv6.


One thought on “Talk about IPv6 support in Firewall at bus station

  1. It funny to realize that the person i was talking about IPv4 addresses being nearly non existent; with me referring to something i read on the internet, was the same man who actually wrote it. The world indeed is a small place.

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