Yet another LTE network in Sweden

Last year TeliaSonera in Sweden annonced the first LTE network in the world. Telia announced that they will have LTE coverage for 20 cities in Sweden by end of 2010. Another 228 will be covered by end of  2011. ( For more details see my blogs LTE here to stay and TeliaSonera current coverage plan

Today another two Swedish mobile operators Telenor and Tele2 announced  the support for LTE in Sweden. These two companies will jointly building the second LTE (or 4G) network in Sweden. Currently these operators covering the following cities

  • Stockholm,
  • Göteborg,
  • Malmö
  • Karlskrona

The current speed id 80Mbps downlink and 40 Mbps uplink but the typical speed at this initial phase is supposed to be around 40 Mbps DL/20 Mbps UL. Tele2 announced that they will cover 99% of Swedish citizens by end of 2011 while Telenor announced an extensive list of 100 more Swedish cities to be covered by LTE during the 2011.

More to read? (sorry, Sedish only)


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