Time to move towards IPv6 , how well prepared are the Industry, consultants, ISP:s

During the past we have been trying to push for IPv6 by focusing on decision makers and network architects. But the question is how well prepared are the IT, mobile industry, ISP:s and IT-consultants. Another IPv4 /8 address space was allocated to AfriNIC during November this year. That means that 11 of the 256 addresses are available for allocation (13 IPv4/8 allocated since January2010). This means more or less end of the available IPv4 addresses during the coming 6-12 month. This is not fiction, neither any selling argument this just reflects the reality, the beginning of fast IPv6 deployment during the coming 6-12 month.

Available IPv4 addresses by November 11, 2010
Available IPv4 addresses by November 11, 2010 M. Mahloujian

Me and many IPv6 colleagues have been discussing the importance of the IPv6 for years and the IPv6 as the crucial strategic decision for companies, organizations. I am pretty sure that many decision makers have already plans for IPv6 deployment, may be some decided not for immediate deployment of IPv6 for the moment but I would be surprised if any responsible Network architects, CIO:s and other responsible decision makers did not made their mind and not have a clear IPv6 implementation/deployment plan and strategy.

Countries like US, India, Malaysia, Etc have a country-wide IPv6 deployment plan. Companies like Cisco, Juniper, Google, Microsoft, Mac, Unix based OS supplier, smart phone providers like iPHONE, Android and if I am correct the Microsoft Phone announced and implemented more or less heavy support for IPv6.  (My oppolgies to any companies who are not listed here and supporting IPv6 in theier products). Many ISP:s are getting well-prepared for the IPv6 and I guess waiting for the market opportunities. You may heard the Vint Cerf propose that

…..UK government should offer IPv6 upgrade tax credit….
(click to read the news)

There are some people who have always been talking about that “IPv6 is easy”, “it is only 96 more bits in address field”, “no rocket science” and trying to push for the technology as easy while some others are talking about “very difficult”, “expensive technology”, “no support in OS”, “no vendor support”, “no… ”

In my opinion the decision makers should start activities to find out benefits of IPv6 for their own company, organization. An SWOT analysis could be very helpful and could provide valuable information about how easy/difficult/cheap/expensive IPv6 would be in their company. And also find out what are the business opportunity, organizational gain, ease of operation, ….

All colleagues who have been pushing for IPv6 awareness agree on one action and that is start small, get more experience and technical know-how while waiting for the decisions.

How about you and your company?


4 thoughts on “Time to move towards IPv6 , how well prepared are the Industry, consultants, ISP:s

  1. Well, we “just did it ™”

    Our isp doesn’t offer native ipv6, so I got a tunnel from Sixxs.

    I had only a few issues: length of subnetting, and dns, where wildcard and non-wildcard records had to be listed equally for ipv4 and ipv6.

    Otherwise, our public webservers are now ipv6-enabled.

    Took a couple of weeks as a tertiary project.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
      I am sure you were prepared in advance and did know where to start, had a strategy (what, when, how) and knew what the consequences would be. These parameters among other matters are different and consequently have different complexity. The idea is to plan in proper time.

      Did you have any customer support system which should be IPv6 enabled? Any applications which needed to be IPv6 enabled? Did you have any need for modifing applications?

      • No plan really 🙂

        Got the tunnel running, then just learning by doing, just making sure ipv4 did not break.

        Started by giving workstations (my own first :-)) ipv6, then the webservers.

        We have a flashchat, which is not ipv6, and my favorite editor cannot transfer the files I edit over ipv6, only ipv4.

        Otherwise both iis and apache-sites are ipv6.

        We run a social site, and I give bonus to ipv6-visitors, but still, less than 0.02% are ipv6 😦

        As I’ve have posted elsewhere, if Blizzard gave special pets, equipment or quests to ipv6-users of World of Warcraft, a lot of ISP’s would be offering ipv6 in a month or so, due to hordes and alliances of users demanding ipv6 🙂

        • Thanks alot for sharing your experience with us and giving a picture of how “easy” the deployment was.
          The complexity are depending on many different factors, how you plan (if planning) is also depending on how secure the deployment must be. In some organizations/business any stop, bad performance, …. is not acceptable.

          I am prety sure the way you have done it is applicable for small business, organisations but still you need to put some time for planning, asking for budget, etc.

          It was a very good to hear that you choosed to give bonus for the user who are chosing to run IPv6, GREAT IDEA!

          Again thanks alot for shring your experience, I am sure we will soon see lots of people starting IPv6 activities.


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