Lack of IPv4 addresses within comming 6-12 month is a reality!

Almost every IT professionals have heard about the shortage of IPv4 addresses during the past years. Some colleagues commented (and unfortunately still saying) “we do not believe it until it happens”. It is time to consider that this is a reality and fact and immediate attention and appropriate planning needs to be decided.

Since January 2010, dramatically changes has been happening. It should be noted that during the past ten month amount of available IPv4 addresses reduced by 50% (from 9.38% to 4.69%).

The good news is that lots of activities for planning and execution towards transition to IPv6 have been noticed around the world.  ISP:s, vendors of OS, data communication, telecommunications, some content provider, some government (US, India, …)  are among those who are getting prepared for the new technology.

The question is how the network architects and higher decision makers are preparing their organisation, company. the question is whether the IPv6 is a question needs to be raised at the higher level of the steering group? Is IPv6 business opportunity or the decision makers still considering as unnecessary investment?  What do you think?

Following graph (the green fields) showing the currently available IPv4 addresses, click for bigger graph.

Remaining of IPv4 address space by October 18, 2010
Remaining of IPv4 address space by October 18, 2010

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