MeeGo, would you choose it?


At the Mobile World Congress on February 2010, Nokia and Intel announced their cooperation on the MeeGo. Some developer immediately started to look into the the MeeGo, the business opportunity based on Open Source. Some of the different MeeGo platforms were demonstrated at the recent IDF (Intel Developer Forum) in China during this month. Is MeeGo a hybrid of Cellular phone and Netbook? Or may be it will even be the new platform for the TV and car entertainment system? It is too early to make any comment but it seems a good idea. The OS is based on Moblin which is an Linux open source project mainly contributed by Intel among others. The Nokia Maemo providing the application platform for the cellular phone not only for the Moblin-based OS cellular phone but even for the Nokia Symbian cellular phones.

The current release of MeeGo (1.0) will be updated in October 2010 and the MeeGo 1.2 will be available during Q1-2011

 Could this open source cooperation be a good challenge for the Apple iPhone and even iPad or the Google Android mobile platform? What will happen to the Microsoft Phone? My guess is that the systems based on the Open Source platform and good set of API and development tools and environment would have a better chance to survive, do you agree?

Check the following video if you wanna know more:


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