IPv6 Awareness in an small Swedish SW company


The other day I was invited to listen to a Swedish SW company providing Identification, authorization, Etc. A small company with less than 50 employees in Stockholm.

After the presentations we did have some opportunity to talk to technical sales, product management and a few people from the development team. We discussed different subjects e.g. the agile development methods like SCRUM and XP (eXtreem Programming) and how such a small company made some small adaptation to make the SCRUM method more powerful in their company.  I was a bit curios if they have had any thought about how and when the IPv6 could affect their product. So I started carefully to ask about IPv6 support in their product. It was really amazing to get into good IPv6 discussions with technical sales, product manager and some member of the development team. We discussed for a while before one of them start talking about, the first time the IPv6 discussions brought up at their team. We had to start a “disaster meeting” and discuss the IPv6 very seriously. After lots of internal discussions,they found the importance of supporting IPv6 in their product. They convinced the decision makers to put some effort to include the IPv6 development in their budget and agreed on the roadmap and when they should support IPv6.

I was really astonished, such an small group, in spite of lack of financial muscle still could through small analysis find out the necessity of support for IPv6 in their product and take such an important step to focus on a future proof product .

May be after all we were wrong about lack of IPv6 awareness and that is amazingly a very good news.




2 thoughts on “IPv6 Awareness in an small Swedish SW company

  1. It seems to me that ipv6 support in software products can vary widely. It depends on how intimately the software needs to be aware of ipv6… Does it simply ride on IPv6? Support can be fairly simple. Or does it need intimate knowledge like a network management package might require. I suppose there is also a middle ground where an application might take advantage of ipv6 features like multicast or the ability to different v6IP’s for different purposes (ie a global unique vs local address)

    • Hi Geof

      It is a lot depending on what platform the application is based on. For windows the API for node name and node address are different which means your IPv4-based application will not work in an IPv6 environment automatically. There are some other areas like need for more memory allocation since it is 128 bits of address. The node address is also in HEX compared with IPv4 which is decimal numbers.

      Microsoft Windows:
      I am aware of an small windows application which scan through your code and gives warning when the code is not supported in IPv6. I am not aware of how deep this program for windows enwironment works but I guess it is a good start.
      Checkv4.exe utility is the application from Microsoft which can be used for hardcoded IPv4 addresses.

      When it comes to winsock and other more advanced usage I am sure that some more development effort needs to be done. For windows please take a look at IPv6 Guide for Windows Sockets Applications

      There are other areas like Databases, ERM, which may needs to be analysed seriousely.


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