Bad news, only 8,59% of IPv4 left


January 23, I wrote still 9% of the available IPv4 addresses left.
Now the latest report from RIPE shows that two more blocks of IPv4 are left and so only 8,59% of the  IPv4 /8 blocks are left. Still not convinced that you may need for an immediate IPv6 strategy in your company?   

The following graph shows that only 22 of useable IPv4 /8 blocks are available. For full size view please click on the following graph   

Aailable IPv4 addresses by Feb. 15, 2010 (Mohammad Mahloujian)
available IPv4 addresses by Feb. 15, 2010 (Mohammad Mahloujian)

4 thoughts on “Bad news, only 8,59% of IPv4 left

  1. Yes, nice chart.

    But “allocated from RIPE” does not mean that a block of addresses is really used up to 100%. I am quite sure that various IPS are keeping several IPv4 addresses for intended future use by themselves or by their customers.

    But still, it is an alarming situation.

    • Thanks Torgny for your kind word.

      I do agree that the allocated /8 blocks does not necessarily mean that they are already in use. I am also sure that this also the case for many companies that have got IPv4 adresses blocked but not using it.

      Also please note this is information from IANA which is based on (IRIN, RIPE, AFNIC, APNIC, LATNIC) which covers whole world. I am sure that we may see lots of companies which try to get hold of as many IPv4 adressess as possible for “just in case”. There are also some reasonable policies how to handle all the new request (I hope).

      But still imagine that we are more than 7 bilion people and the theoretical number of IPv4 adresses is about 4 bilions (some are not useable and can not be included ….. 🙂 )

      Kind regards

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