New measurements and opinion about LTE from Northstream


Northstream made measurements on January 20 and they published their measurements in their WEB site

“…..we reached “only” 12 Mbps instead of the “promised” 50 Mbps…”

My measurements on January 19 showed different figure, See my earlier blog (

Today it is another notice from Northstream which uses slightly different approach.

“….We have continued our live testing of LTE over the weekend and today, and we have tried it on buses and in cars and in other places in the city, indoor and outdoor, and we’re happy to say that we experience data rates above 25 Mbps more often than below, and we’ve reached 45 Mpbs downlink on some occasions…..”

It is really good to know that, today it seems that Northstream suddenly got new measurements with much better and improved figures which is published on their home page  “LTE experience – It’s getting better!”!!!  (click here to go to the blog).

The conclusion could be that  the first measurements must been too quick and unreliable measurements and the new and proper measurements seems to be performed in different places and in more structured way.



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