Google Nexus One is released


It seems that the Google Nexus one is released, it looks nice and I am sure that this type of smart phones with great user interface and more or less open programming environment would be beneficial for end users, operators and vendors. In my understanding the computing industry Apple, Microsoft, Google, Intel and others showing the importance of good user interface, bigger sets of applications would be a good help for the mobile broadband.

Some price indications:
Nexus One price for $529 unlocked,
$179 for  new T-Mobile customers signing a 2-year contract
$279 / $379 for existing subscribers upgrading to the Nexus One subscription

Technical specifications

If you wanna know whether the Nexus One is available for your country then just check the following link, you can also find a good demo of the Google Nexus One cellular phone there.

Accessories for Nexus one is also available at Amzon

Popularity of the iPhone during the past 2 years been very good and the question is how well the Google Nexus One will be accepted by the end users. In my understanding more open source based system will have the better acceptance in the long run. Both Google Android and Microsoft Mobile is perceived as more open by the development society. I would expect that most cellular vendor would move towards operating systems based on open source in relatively short future.


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