CISCO Climate smart and saving / earning money


Simply the network,… simply CISCO is a document presented at the recent CISCO analyst conference

Please note that this is just an example about how companies could save the environment and save/earn money. Cisco did it, shouldnt your company/organization take a look at it?

As you may know I have been working with Unified Communications technology during over past two years and I am convinced that any organization/company would be able to save/earn money by using Unified communications. VideoConferencing is one of base functionalities in UC. TelePresence is the video Conferencing concept and technology from CISCO and I did see how smart have been using this technology, here come the figures and you can judge by yourself

  • 427.000 meetings (say until this week)
  • 7 800 meetings per week
  • 662 TelePresence rooms in 200 cities and 45 countries
  • Usage: over 60% per day almost 10 hours every day

In this report a level of $1,5B as cost reduction mentioned but  I do not know how much of this cost saving was because of using TelePresence and other conferencing system but it sounds like a huge saving for the company. 

how much money would you save for your company and environment?


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