World’s first commercial LTE service launched WOW!


It is not the fiction or commercials any more, it is fact, it is happening. TeliaSonera, Stockholm,Sweden , Oslo, Norway LTE now!

TeliaSonera has become the first mobile operator in the world to offer a commercial LTE service, announcing an earlier than expected turn-on of LTE in Stockholm and Oslo on networks supplied, respectively by Ericsson and Huawei.

It seems to be a press conference about the launch of LTE  today by 12:00 (CET)

Congratulations to

TeliaSonera,Tommy Ljunggren, head of mobile unit, responsible for the launch
Ericsson, Samsung and Huawei


Some highlights from the press conference today

1- sales in Stockholm starts at 10:00, Dec 15, Kungsgatan
Price: 595 Sek per month

2- Coverage area :

3- Upgrade program for modem
to upgrade the 4G modem to a combined 3G+4G modem free of charge, sometime during 2010-Q2
Not available for Mac yet

4- LTE launch in 25 cities in Sweden during 2010

5-Speed of 20-80 Mbps at this first stage

Coverage area in Stockholm as today , December 14, 2009

4G coverage as today

a measurement screenshot (done  by a popular Swedish speed monitor )
shows upstream and download average rate measured at the press conference


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